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How does a Grand Prix work?

On arrival all drivers will get kitted out with a race suit, a helmet and gloves. After a short DVD which explains the flags and how to operate the karts. We will then explain in detail how the Grand Prix will work and how points etc. are accumulated,

then the racing begins.

Each driver will race in Heats. All of these races start from the grid and every time a driver is out in a race, they will start on a different grid position. The better the position you finish in a race; the more points you are awarded.

After all these races are finished, every driver will qualify and race in one Semi Final race each. The more points the driver has from the Heats, the better the position this driver will start on the grid in their Semi Finals.

After the Semi Final races are finished, the top 6 drivers (from the results of the semi-finals) qualify for the Grand Final.