Enviromental Responsibility

Here at the K-Team we realise that Motor Sports is not always seen as being the most enviromentally friendly of activities

However, IT IS GREAT FUN!!

Therefore, we try to minimise our impact on our local enviroment through the following measure;

  • We only use the newest, most up to date karts, that are fitted with catalytic converters.
  • Our karts are fitted with super silent exhausts, to minimise noise pollution.
  • We have within our facility areas for wildlife, newts, frogs, birds etc…
  • We are surrounded by and maintain wildflowers, hedgerows and trees allowing insects and birds to flurrish.
  • Recycling any waste that is generated by ourselfs and customers to lessen the impact on the enviroment.
  • Recycling points thoughout our facility making it easy for our customers to help the enviroment.
  • We dipose of everything possible by the way of recycling including the oil and filters from the karts.